We always incorporate our feel for new trends and let them flow into your video campaigns. Filmmaking is not just work for us, it’s passion. That’s why you can be sure that we put our heart and soul into each of your videos – and it shows. Because we only hand over our projects when not only you, but also we are 100% satisfied.

This is the crew of Touché Video Agency:

Head of Production
Katharina Lechner

International experience in the marketing and communications industry, her organizational skills and her passion for people are what set Katharina apart. She manages the film production from concept to delivery.

Creative Director / DOP
Vincent Rouffiac

With more than 15 years of experience in the film and television industry, his ingenuity and solution-oriented approach, Vincent is responsible for the successful realization of the films - from the initial idea to post-production.

Lena-Maria Heinzle

Due to her education in film and communications and her versatility, Lena is responsible for handling production workflows as well as turning her ideas into creative content on our social media channels.

Post Production
Elias Martin

Having already gained experience on productions in London and Berlin, Elias now enthusiastically supports the team in editing and on set to get the best out of every frame.

Camera / Gaffer
Camillo Cibulka

With his skills acquired through many years of working in video and television production, Camillo ensures the perfect lighting conditions for our video shoots with a lot of patience and know-how.

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