We always incorporate our feel for new trends and let them flow into your video campaigns. Filmmaking is not just work for us, it’s passion. That’s why you can be sure that we put our heart and soul into each of your videos – and it shows. Because we only hand over our projects when not only you, but also we are 100% satisfied.

This is the crew of Touché Video Agency:

Video Production Manager Vienna
CEO | Production Management
Katharina Lechner
Camera operator Vienna
Director | Creative Production
Vincent Rouffiac
Video production Vienna
Creative Concept | Script
Kristin Pfeifer
Post production services Vienna
Creative Concept | Post Production
Christopher Panzenböck
Camera Crew Vienna
Camera | Post production
Andreas Habermaier
Video content creation Vienna
Content Creation | Production
Melina Wolfschluckner
Camera assistant and gaffer Vienna
Camera | Gaffer
Camillo Cibulka

Our partners

Camera | Drone
Jonathan Vaughan
Sound | Composition
Michael Strohmann
Voice Coach
Christina Cisek

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