We help you to show yourself in the best light and stand out with an innovative video.

Your company is portrayed creatively and authentically in the corporate video. This kind of videos focuse less on the transfer of knowledge, rather a certain feeling should be triggered in the viewers. A really good image film leaves a positive impression on your target group and encourages them to look further into your company. The core messages of your brand are conveyed to the viewers through the competent use of storytelling. The image film has its origins in the industrial film – which, however, focuses more on the informative presentation of the company and its products. Image films, on the other hand, require not only impressive images and appealing sound, but also a fascinating dramaturgy. If done well, the content of an image film can even be better remembered by viewers than classic advertising films. Compared to advertising films, image films also have a longer lifespan – since they do not relate to a specific product or campaign, they can be used for many years – so the investment pays off in the long term.


Stand out from the crowd with an exciting image film.

Even though many companies and brands already place image videos at the center of their digital strategies, videos of this kind are still an underestimated form of communication. The impact of videos is unbroken and their use holds opportunities of various kinds: creating a strong brand identity, sharing messages in a targeted way and driving lead generation – an image film achieves all this like no other marketing tool. Corporate videos convey the first, and therefore most important, impression of your company. And above all, they appeal to people who were previously unfamiliar with your company. In addition to promoting awareness, a successful image video also offers established companies the opportunity to steer their image in the desired direction. By attracting the attention of customers and prospects, your company will grow sustainably. In addition to the representative purpose of the corporate video, it also offers the opportunity to show an impression of your company’s services without communicating in an advertising manner. With a professionally produced video, your viewers will remember you for a long time. If you succeed in getting to the heart of your brand story with gripping storytelling, your customers will be attracted and encouraged to act – both in the B2C and B2B sectors.

We take care of your video campaign from A to Z.

It is crucial that your image film is produced to a high standard. The image film is the most important “figurehead” for your company. If not enough attention is paid to its production and a cheap, unprofessional video is produced, this will have a negative impact on your entire company. The purpose of an image film is to communicate the best sides of your company in order to convince potential customers as well as applicants. It is therefore of utmost importance to plan your video sufficiently in advance in order to implement it professionally in the course of the further steps. Almost every video production with real shooting is divided into three phases: pre-production, shooting and post-production. There are several ingredients in the production of an impressive corporate film: A solid strategy always represents the beginning. As soon as we know the (communication) goals of your company, we can implement them in the creative planning of the video project. Questions we ask you in advance are: What are the values and characteristics of your brand? Knowing your target audience and brand personality in advance also helps us to define in a targeted way the direction in which the image film should go. Characteristic for the image film is the story that is to be told in it. The first step is creative brainstorming. This means: our team sits down together and works out interesting and unusual ways to best package and convey your communication goals.


The success of your video depends on the right strategy.

Once we have decided on a video idea (always in close consultation or cooperation with you, of course), we start by creating a storyline. This includes a description of the plot as well as the (voiceover) text. However, not every image film includes the spoken word; in the case of particularly visually powerful motifs, fascinating stories can also be told wordlessly. But what must never be missing is the use of harmonious music to round off the video in the best possible way. Many image films feature protagonists who are either actors or employees of the company. The visual representation of the storyline is the storyboard, for which we create hand-drawn sketches. We also create a shot list, i.e. a list of all the shots that are to be filmed. In addition to creative planning, the organization of the shoot is also very important. This is reflected in the disposition, which is created individually before each shoot and serves as a guide for the daily schedule on the day of shooting. After the shoot is completed, the raw material goes into post-production. This step is where your actual film is created. After reviewing all the footage, a rough cut, or first draft, is created. The use of animations, harmonious music and a fascinating sound design give your image film that special touch.

Increase your reach and lead generation

For successful digital content marketing, the use of videos is indispensable. Perfectly adapted to the needs of the target group, the image film is the perfect means to present your brand on your website, your social media channels or at (virtual) trade fairs and to arouse the curiosity of potential customers. Using videos on websites is extremely effective in many ways. Place your professional video highly visible on the most visited pages of your homepage, preferably on the landing page. If videos are embedded on your website and viewed by users, they will automatically spend more time there. This is noticed by the Google algorithm – and your website moves up in the search results. Videos are therefore an important tool to increase organic traffic. In addition, videos increase the visual appearance of your website and make it look more professional and modern.

Videos can also be used optimally on social media platforms, as they motivate users to interact, increase customer loyalty and help to increase reach. Social media channels are, next to your website, the first point of contact for potential customers when they are looking for a company and therefore your chance to create a positive impression.