How much does it cost to produce a professional video? How much does an image film cost?

The cost of a video depends on many factors. Line items in a typical video budget include pre-production, scripting, shooting days, camera type, crew size, locations, actors, animations, 3D graphics, music, professional voiceover, opening and closing credits, editing, sound mixing, video conversion and export.

We need an approximate indication from you how much you would like to spend on the film in order to develop a target-oriented and feasible concept. We will send you this together with a transparent cost calculation so that you can understand how the price is arrived at.

We only have a small budget. Is there anything we can do to cut costs?

Certainly. Please tell us up front what budget you have in mind. Production can be tailored to your needs and requirements. There are many ways to make video productions less expensive and still maintain high quality.

What is the first step to start a video production?

At Touché Video Agency, we start with a consultation. During this initial consultation, we listen very carefully and ask questions to understand your communication goals and your business. We collect ideas and give suggestions on how we can best realize your project with the given budget.

Do we need a face-to-face meeting or can we communicate online and by phone?

We are happy to work with you and your projects remotely. Thanks to e-mails, telephone and video conferencing, it is possible to have a good and personal exchange, regardless of the location.

Do I need to prepare for the meeting with you? What information do you need from us?

Take a few minutes to make a brief compilation. This will help us understand your needs. Keep it short, but identify the following points:


What is the goal of the video? To inform, to sell, or to motivate?

Who is your target audience?

What is the message you want to convey? What you want to say and to whom will form the basis of the script.

Where will the film be shown? Website, social media, trade shows, online events?

What is your time frame? When do you want the film delivered?

Do you have any special requirements? Motion graphics, special effects or animation?

Budget? It’s good to have an idea of what you want to spend.

What and who should be in the video? This is also called a treatment (precursor to the script).

Have you seen something you like? Think about an off-screen voiceover and music, too.

Filming: What is the availability of staff, locations and resources?

How long does it take to receive my video project?

It depends on the complexity of the video production, but generally you can expect 3 – 5 weeks from the completion of the shooting. If you have a very short deadline, we will do everything we can to shorten the production time and meet your deadline request.

How long should my video be?

This depends on a number of factors and the communication channel. Generally, we recommend a length of up to 2 minutes maximum, as well as short versions for social media. The most important reason for this is that the longer your video, the less engaged your audience will be. With online videos, the spice is in the brevity. If you really have a lot to say, it’s usually better to produce multiple videos and let viewers choose the content that interests them the most.

What is the standard quality of your videos?

We shoot with full-frame cameras equipped with highly professional Canon, Zeiss and Sony lenses to bring you the highest quality images in 4K resolution.

What kind of video equipment do you use?

By default, we shoot with Sony FX6 cameras, which are professional full-frame camcorders that record images in 4K with up to a frame rate of 120p. For particularly dynamic shots we work with camera stabilizers (gimbal), on which we mostly use the Sony Alpha 7s iii or the Blackmagic Pocket.

We also use high-quality Canon/Sony/Zeiss lenses, F&V UltraColor Z800S Soft Bi-Color LED Panels, Aputure 600d as well as Aputure 300x lights and Aputure Light Dome softboxes.

Our sound equipment includes high quality Sennheiser wireless radio microphones, Sanken lavaliers, and Rode shotgun microphones.

Our studio is Macintosh-based and we work with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cubase and DaVinci Resolve in post-production.

How much does it cost to produce an animation video / animated explainer video?

Similar to building a website, all animation projects are custom and so without knowing the variables for a particular project (that is, length of animation, character or graphic animation, etc.), it is very difficult to give a specific amount. In general, the cost is somewhere in the range of 1500 euros to 2500 euros per minute. Nevertheless, for a little less we can create fairly simple slideshow style “videos” and for a little more custom created character animation videos.

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