And make your event a special experience for even more viewers. 

Streaming is the transmission of a video signal in real time. This means that your video is broadcast and delivered live, without having been previously recorded and stored. Depending on the situation and the objective, livestreaming can be made available to a public and infinite or selected audience. Attract attention and show what your company can do with a live broadcast of your event. While real trade fairs or other events usually primarily reach the participants present, digital real-time broadcasting via streaming allows you to reach a much wider audience. Create a virtual connection to your customers: Whether for your customers, partners or employees, participation in presentations, conferences and lectures is possible with livestreaming from anywhere and at any time. Product presentations, seminars, trade fairs and virtually all other forms of events offer you the opportunity to present yourself to your audience as an innovative company and to present your services in an innovative way. Since 2020 at the latest, virtual events have become indispensable for modern marketing in many industries and companies. Today, many organizers and event platforms rely on virtual lectures, conferences and events to inform visitors with news.

Convince your customers and achieve a higher conversion. With live events, you are much more independent in terms of organization and distribution. Spatial distance and scheduling commitments are no longer a problem for participants, both internal and external. Lectures and presentations can be pre-produced and then remotely integrated into the online event. A big advantage compared to a non-streamed event is also the incomparably higher reach. We make sure that the broadcast of your event runs smoothly – and reaches as many people as possible. A high-quality livestream motivates its viewers to interactively engage with the event. If the livestream is recorded, it can be viewed at any time even after the event has ended. Streams are a very good opportunity to expand your community and create a direct connection to your customers.

With live streaming, we get the full potential out of your events.

As a professional video agency, we develop the ideal implementation plan for your project and take care of all livestreaming production processes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are your perfect partner for recording and broadcasting events. We offer you a full consultation in terms of implementation, style and possible applications. At the beginning of the project we get to know each other and make sure that we understand your requirements, wishes and goals. Our offer is understood as an all-round service: our experienced team takes care of every step of the entire production process – from conception, planning and the streaming itself, to post-production and subsequent distribution. Your needs are always at the center of everything we do. With years of experience in streaming, we know exactly how to prevent unpleasant mistakes such as poor sound quality or image freezing, and guarantee a fail-safe, high-quality broadcast. A professional livestream thus helps to improve the company’s image and inspire even more people about your event. Take advantage of streaming – with us you have the opportunity to reach your target group from anywhere and at any time.

We make sure that your internal and external events are exciting.

– and that your content is communicated in an appealing way. Whether it’s using teasers, intros, loops for breaks, animated transitions, designing the background (green screen, monochrome background, photo background), or producing a film with highlights and summary – we turn your online meeting into an exciting experience. Livestreams are also perfect for involving your audience in the action with interactive tools. All your audience needs to access the broadcast is their computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Interactive activities such as polls and live chats give viewers an even stronger sense of being part of the action. Participants can get in touch with you via chat, ask questions and give direct feedback. We ensure that the impact of events is intensified and that the full potential is extracted from them.

With streaming, the broadcast of events can be published in real time, allowing a wider audience to participate in the action. Viewers are then live via their smartphone, laptop or tablet – whether from home or anywhere else in the world. This opens up a wide range of possibilities. Whether on-site at the company or in the studio in front of our green screen – we broadcast internal and external events on your website and (online event) platform. In many cases, it is a good idea to edit the recorded video material afterwards and create an additional video. You can then use this to effectively play on social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram without much extra effort. In addition, the video material can also be used for other purposes. In another edited version, for example, your successful presentation will also convince visitors to your website.