Put your product or service in the spotlight.


We help your company succeed with innovative promotional videos

Promotional films include all variants of videos that help to increase sales of your products or services. Good commercials trigger identification with the product depicted and promote trust in your company. Their concise and dynamic style encourages your viewers to become emotionally attached to what is being shown.

In an exciting video, connections become clear faster than in pure text descriptions, since your product or service is shown “in action” and thus brought to life. This creates a shopping experience while watching a promotional video that offers your potential customers clear added value and motivates them to look further into the product.

A successful promotional video is rounded off at the end with a call-to-action that motivates your viewers to buy. Whether real filming or animation, purely informative, unconventional or humorous, we help you immerse your target group in a new fascinating world that won’t let them go in a hurry.


Raise awareness of your brand among potential customers

The promotional video is a successful tool for digital marketing of your product thanks to its conciseness and powerful impact. Promotional films significantly increase the effectiveness of your video marketing and significantly contribute to achieving several business goals at once. A fascinating commercial video is perfect for attracting the attention of your potential customers to your product and encouraging them in their buying decision. If a commercial is produced in a high-quality way and contains an original story, your customers will be convinced to invest in your products or services.

In addition, high-quality commercials provide a significantly increased reach. Well-produced films are a pleasure to watch. Due to their entertaining character, they manage to captivate viewers. An advertising film emotionally charges a brand or product and creates a positive feeling among your potential customers. Combining emotion and entertainment is the perfect combination to strengthen your branding and stand out from competitors. Once distributed, a successful promotional video works actively and long-term for your company.

Today’s consumers are much more likely to actively seek out quality branded advertising content. This means: it’s important to create content that audiences really value and want to interact with. With the rising popularity of video, high-quality promotional video content has become an extremely effective way to increase awareness of your brand and drive lead generation for your products.

With an exciting advertising film you remain in the memory

Commercials can look very different. It always depends on what you specifically want to achieve and what suits your company. Because only a commercial that is individually tailored to your situation, your corporate identity and your goals will deliver your desired result. Which form of content and style you ultimately decide on should depend primarily on the following questions: What is your primary goal? What is your target audience? What is the core message of your commercial? We will focus on your key advertising messages throughout the production process.

First and foremost, our team takes the time to understand your video goals. We’ll consult and determine what you want to accomplish with your promotional video, then develop a video concept that fits your exact needs. Suggestions and ideas on creative approach, length and style will be given by you or suggested by us, depending on what you want. In any case, you decide what best suits your company. No matter how the commercial is designed, it is of utmost importance to clearly communicate your Unique Selling Points. Viewers should be able to grasp the point of your business in no time, so they can see the personal benefits for themselves.

In addition to a brilliant idea, good project management is the key to a successful promotional video. Branding, script, storyboard and production plan must fit together like pieces of a puzzle. You will be actively involved at every step and have the opportunity to contribute your input throughout the process. The commercial thrives on being surprising and visually appealing. In general, it is important to be convincing in the first few seconds of the commercial in order to hold the viewers’ attention and prevent them from skipping the commercial. Emotions play an important role here: if you surprise the viewer with a bang effect, your message will be remembered.


Use the full potential of your promotional film

Whether it’s for the website, TV, emails or social media channels, the use of promotional films is highly effective in many ways. Because the options for ad placement are so varied, it’s a good idea to clarify which channels and platforms the promotional video will be optimized for in advance of the film production. It is always possible to produce different variants so that the film can be used multifunctionally.

Advertising content can be as convincing as it is, if it is not distributed properly
the decisive step on the way to success is missing. An ad in video form on social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube offers the opportunity for customers to quickly become aware of your product or service, click on the ad and engage with it further. Meanwhile, these platforms give you the opportunity to precisely narrow down and target your audience. Every video you put online improves your internet presence – and thus your search engine ranking significantly. Especially if leads are to be generated, you should consider interactive features like embedded links or call-to-actions.

The classic home of the commercial is television and cinema. These media should not be neglected even today and are still a promising way to attract the attention of your target group. Also consider digital advertising media in highly frequented public places to make your commercial accessible to the largest possible audience.