And your chance as an employer to position yourself in the job market and recruit the best talent.

Convince qualified applicants and talents of your company
With an employer branding video, also called a recruiting video or HR video, an authentic picture of your company culture is given and exciting insights into the working environment are shown. Recruiting videos provide convincing incentives for interested parties to apply to your company. As part of employer branding, they offer you the opportunity to present yourself convincingly as an employer and convey positive messages. Recruiting videos attract a lot of attention, especially on online job portals and social media channels.

The possibilities of implementation are manifold: A popular variant is to let employees appear and accompany them during their varied activities. Interviews are also commonly used. Animated videos of various kinds are another possibility. Of course, the implementation can also be done in an unconventional way. Together with you, we develop a concept that perfectly fits your company.


Save time and money in the recruiting process
With a fascinating employer branding video, many areas of the human resource process can be simplified and accelerated. If you succeed in reaching the right target group of the employer branding campaign, time and effort for the search for suitable applicants are saved. Videos can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the respective target group. The recruiting effort is thus significantly reduced.

This is best achieved with personalized content. The more precisely the respective target group is addressed, the more applications that perfectly match your advertised job profile you will receive. The area of employer branding lends itself perfectly to exploiting the full potential of videos. After all, the goal is to leave a lasting positive impression on the viewers, to arouse enthusiasm for the company and thus motivate them to apply for the advertised jobs immediately. The medium of video is the perfect strategic tool for this, as positive emotions are transported. Employer branding videos reach your target group on an emotional level. And that creates a much more lasting and deeper connection with your company.

A major advantage of videos over traditional employer branding strategies is the ability to directly measure the success of the video. Even the performances of the individual elements of the video can be broken down:  Which parts are most engaging? When do viewers lose interest? Did people watch until the end? Through our experience in employer branding, we know exactly which messages to communicate and when, and what means to use to keep the viewers’ attention until the end.

Finding employees is one of the biggest challenges a company can face. To attract the right people, you need to sell your company’s mission, culture, benefits and growth opportunities. Studies show that employers receive over a third more applications when they include video content in job postings. But not all video content is created equal – the quality of your video matters. Not every viewer will be a good fit for your company – but they could still be future customers or stakeholders. A good employer branding video should leave a lasting positive impression – on all viewers.

Give an authentic look into your company
When producing an employer branding video, the first step is to define a video strategy. In what way will the right candidates be reached and persuaded to engage with the company in the long term? A good HR video gives an interesting insight into your company. In addition to a classic employer branding video in which employees narrate and give a tour of the office, this can also be an innovative film. Elements of your company culture and working life can be taken up to create something new and creative in a modern employer branding video. And to fascinate your target audience.

We love to develop an innovative concept for each of our clients that perfectly matches the company’s values and makes a lasting impression. Is there an untold story that has shaped your company and affects your current employees? An employer branding video is the perfect opportunity to captivate potential applicants with exciting stories.

It’s important for us to communicate your Employer Branding Proposition (EVP), your value proposition to your potential candidates, with powerful imagery. What does your work culture look like? What values define the core of your company? What characterizes the working atmosphere? And what do your employees get out of it? If the EVP is presented in an authentic and exciting way, viewers will be convinced of the uniqueness of your company.

In many cases, it is a good idea to involve your employees in the story as brand ambassadors. Every member of your team is an expert on what it’s really like to work for your company. If an employee tells you about their day-to-day work or what they value about working for the company, it conveys an honest picture of the company. If you want to tell a more elaborate story, it can also make sense to hire actors.


Maximize the success of your employer branding video campaign
Once the employer branding video has been produced, nothing stands in the way of its distribution: the uses are numerous. The most obvious use of employer branding videos is job postings. This applies to postings on external job portals as well as advertisements on your website. Place the video clearly visible as part of your job posting and make sure you have an appealing thumbnail. We are happy to help you with this.

Shorter cuts of your video, which we’re happy to deliver quickly and easily, are particularly suitable for your company’s various social media channels. Also keep in mind that usually each social media platform specifies a specific video format in each case. Videos on Facebook and Instagram are mostly viewed without sound, which is why it’s important to burn subtitles into the videos here. Another option is to market the video clip as a social media ad in order to display it specifically to audiences who are actively looking for similar jobs. Other uses can be found on professional networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, or on employer review platforms. People interested in your company can also be addressed via your newsletter.