No matter if you host a fair, assembly or a congress – we capture the atmosphere of your event in Vienna or everywhere else

Create a lasting impact with an event film

We document what happens at your conferences, trade shows, and any other form of event, and skillfully showcase it. An event video often includes interviews in which your guests describe their impression of the event. At your request, reporters will be assigned to eloquently guide the onlookers through the event.

Whether it’s a company party in a family atmosphere or a trade fair on a grand scale – we capture magical moments and make sure that your target group experiences them again and again. Thanks to our many years of experience, we succeed in capturing the mood of your event, gathering exciting impressions and capturing emotional reactions. This is how your precious memories become a unique film. Our experienced and creative team ensures that your events get the lasting impact they deserve. Because the medium of video offers the perfect opportunity to engage your audience before, during and after the event.


Engage your customers, partners and employees with aesthetic videos

An event video pays off in the long run, as you can later use it as a promo video in event marketing, for example, to announce further events. Videos can be used effectively to highlight your event to sponsors, thank them for their support, and help them promote the event to their networks. Your sponsors are obviously key to the success of any conference, and it’s important to make them feel special throughout. Videos can go a long way toward achieving this.
Event videos tend to get a lot of traction on social media – they reach an exponentially larger audience than just live attendees. A well-timed, creative and dynamic video can allow you to extend the reach and popularity of your event even further. Successful events engage your employees, partners and customers. Through an event film, this can also happen in the aftermath of an event on your website.

We offer a full service for video production of events

We adapt filming at events to the conditions on site so as not to disrupt the smooth running of your event. With dramaturgical means, the use of music, original sounds and interesting editing, we create a professional film that immerses your viewers in the events – even if they were not there. Visitors, on the other hand, will be happy to relive and review the successful event.

From pre-production, to shooting with multiple cameras, to post-production, we make sure that the event shooting is under control. We have filmed press conferences, charity events, launch parties, conferences, exhibitions, live webcasts, award ceremonies and many other events. Our professional video crew will ensure that filming your event goes smoothly.

Planning is the key to a successful event video production. Events can be unpredictable – that’s why we’re prepared for anything. From technical design and management to equipment, crew, and working with the venue supervisor (who sets up sound and lighting for the audience in attendance), it goes without saying that we always have everything in place and a Plan B. Because there is only one opportunity to film your event right.

Every event is different. Some require drone footage, others just need a cost-effective single camera solution, while still other productions are more elaborate multi-camera affairs. We are flexible in the constellation of our crew and adapt to the circumstances on site. In post-production, we get down to the nitty-gritty: from sound design to color grading, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and stings – this is where we turn the event footage into a spectacular video.


Share memories of your event with a wide community

Before production, consider how you will use your event video – who will see it and what action do you want viewers to be encouraged to take after watching it? A beautifully produced highlight video captures the best moments of the event and packages them into a short, easy-to-digest content that can be used for marketing, for example on your social media channels. Or use your event film as an aftermovie or promo video to tease your next event on your website or social platforms. Another option is to include the event film in email marketing and attach it to your newsletter.