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With an explainer video, you can provide your target audience with effective access to new or initially complex content. With the help of animations, concepts and topics are presented and communicated in a simplified way. Through a visually appealing presentation and concise language, topics are successfully explained in a low-threshold manner and understood in their entirety by your viewers within a very short time. Even complicated and technical issues are brought to the point in an appealing and entertaining way. In most cases, the topic is presented in an exemplary and age-appropriate manner without distorting the message.

Popular in the implementation of explainer videos are the whiteboard style, where you get the impression that something is drawn, the pictogram style, where the content is presented in form language, the modern two-dimensional flat design or the entertaining comic style. We base the design of the style on your ideas, that’s why each of our explainer videos is unique.


Visually appealing information stays in the memory of your viewers

Explainer videos are an effective and engaging way to introduce products, services or processes to your potential customers and to inform and educate them about specific content. Animated videos offer the opportunity to explain complex issues in a dynamic and immersive way that would be difficult or impossible with pure text or static images. Above all, the representation of processes can be better illustrated pictorially than with pure text. This is the case, for example, when explaining the function of an online product or service.

Your audience often lacks time and usually only engages with content that is communicated briefly and concisely. By combining visual and auditory stimuli, explainer video content is more memorable. Through the simple digital distribution, the content of explainer videos can additionally be made accessible to a broad mass.

Leave the entire production of your video to our experienced team

Animation is the most common format for explainer videos, as it allows for limitless freedom in presentation. This means that we can give free rein to our creativity when designing your animated explainer video, whereas with real shoots, the effort and associated costs come into play much more. Animation is a flexible and versatile video format for these reasons. Real-life videos, on the other hand, in which an explainer explains the content, have the advantage that a natural human connection to the viewer is automatically established. Which variant is the right one depends not only on the communication goals but also on the target group.

There are various options when it comes to producing an explainer film. In many cases, explainer videos work with voiceover, which means a voice that is recorded separately explains the content. However, texts can also be embedded in the videos in written form, a mixture between voice-over and text overlays can also be made. Once these questions have been clarified and we have created the storyline including voice-over, as well as the hand-drawn storyboard, we make an animatic, i.e. a digital, moving storyboard.

If a large amount of information needs to be conveyed, we usually recommend splitting your video into a series of shorter films. This way, the information shown is better and more efficiently processed by viewers. In the case of videos with real shooting, several videos can be shot on one day of shooting, thus saving costs. Even with animated videos, the effort and costs for several videos do not increase seriously in many cases, as certain animations often only need to be slightly modified.


Take advantage of the wide range of possible uses for explainer videos

Basically, explainer videos can be used whenever something needs to be illustrated to the target group in a digital way. Explainer videos are therefore ideal for both internal and external communication, as well as in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Explanatory videos are particularly frequently used on the company website. Embedding videos into your website is highly effective. When considering the positioning of the video, keep the following in mind to ensure that it reaches the right audience: If it is about a general explanation of the company, it will be integrated into the landing page. If a product or service is the subject of the explanation, it is embedded in the respective product page or service offer. Embedded videos on the product pages of online stores additionally ensure a higher conversation rate compared to products with text-only descriptions. In the case of promotion- or time-based videos, it is advisable to create a separate landing page.

Explainer videos are also ideal for your company’s social media channels. Your explainer video only needs to be adapted to the length and format specifications of the respective channels. In addition to Facebook, Instagram and co., video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are also ideal, also from a ranking perspective – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.