Present your product or service with impressive videos

Product videos are animated or real videos that clearly highlight the benefits of a product, explain how it works in an understandable way, or clearly demonstrate various use cases. As an essential part of online marketing, they are the best advertising tool to convince potential prospects of your product and encourage them to make a purchase at the right moment.

Product films arouse emotions in your potential customers

They are entertaining and speak directly to the desired target group. They explain complicated functionalities, build real trust with the audience and show much more vividly than pictures and texts why your products are so unique. We create professional and visually high-quality videos that appeal to your target group with the right mix of information, emotion and entertainment. This will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors right away and lead a successful video campaign.

Increase your conversions sustainably

A successful product video will arouse the interest of your potential customers and positively influence their purchase decision. The benefits of the product can be presented in an exciting and understandable way. This not only draws your customers’ attention to the brand and the product, but also entertains them and appeals to them on an emotional level. A product video makes a lasting contribution to increasing conversions and closing new deals. After watching the video, interested people recognize the advantages of the presented product and are convinced that they really need it.

People want things that solve problems for them

In a product video, it is therefore important to show potential customers how the product will benefit them, rather than just listing its features. It’s important to convince viewers that your product will make their lives easier. A successful product video will help convert prospects into customers, increase satisfaction among existing customers, and reduce product return rates. And to achieve this you need to show how to get the most out of your product. We help you capture how your product works, show top use cases, and inspire users to engage with your brand in a lasting way.

Our videos create an emotional connection with your users

Product videos can have very different goals and meet different requirements. Thus, when producing a product video, you also have different types and styles to choose from. The classic product video is promotional and informative at the same time. Finding the ideal mix for your product video is essential and largely determines the style of the film. The video can consist of real film, 2D or 3D animation or both in combination. Basically, it is always a good idea to divide the product features and benefits into smaller sections and create a series of short videos so that your users can easily select the parts that are most relevant to them.

Your product video doesn’t have to follow a predefined format

In fact, it provides a great medium to use storytelling to create a deeper connection with your viewers. It’s important to us to understand your product in detail before we even start production, in order to create the best video possible. After the briefing, our approach is closely coordinated with you to ensure we find the right representation for your product. With a fresh and experienced view from the outside, but always in joint exchange with you, we create an initial concept. For us, your target group plays a key role. Who are your customers, what makes them tick and how do they communicate? With the optimal approach, we find the perfect mix. Your product video should not only convey information, but also create an emotional connection to the viewers.

In our productions we attach great importance to uncompromising full service

We approach all components of your production with experienced professionals and high-quality equipment. Whether in our in-house studio, at your location or at your desired location – from the conception, organization and implementation of the shoot, to post-production, we implement your product video. Product videos are real power tools in marketing, because they can be used on almost any channel and are proven to increase conversion. Promote your product where people buy it online.

Show the world how unique your products are

If you want to distribute your film widely, we’ll be happy to create special compilations of your product video, for example for specific video ads in the form of pre-rolls or short teasers. This way you will direct more traffic to your sales channels and attract new customers. Whether on your homepage, product page or online store: Your product video is made for the web. With an authentic overview of the functions and features of your product in video form, you will retain your customers in the long term and strengthen your brand.