Document architecture or showcase real estate with the visual power of video.

Set the stage perfectly for your property

An architectural video is a virtual “tour” of a property – and much more than that: in a video, the best sides of your property are captured and perfectly shown off. On the one hand it can be a documentation, on the other hand it can be the marketing of a property for real estate agents, architects or tourism people.

We support architects, property developers, real estate agents and the tourism industry in convincingly presenting real estate objects in the right light. In a catchy video, your passion for your project can be experienced by the viewers – because documenting architecture with static photo series was yesterday. Our viewing habits have changed – and the medium of video is the most effective way to present your objects in a modern, dynamic and appealing way. This way, you offer your customers an inviting and immersive viewing experience that motivates them to take a closer look at your company.


Get noticed with stunning videos

The real estate market is a highly visual industry. That’s why videos are an effective way to draw attention to your listings, stand out from the competition, and thus generate more leads. Video marketing is a powerful and reliable way to increase views of your real estate listings.

In recent years, the demand for in-person viewings has decreased significantly, while the demand for online viewings has increased. Real estate videos are perfect to give potential clients a quick and easy chance to get a picture of the property – without much effort and without keys. An exciting and high-quality video makes viewers curious and increases the likelihood that they will take you up on your offer. It is one of the best forms of presentation for real estate marketing currently available.

Videos make the property approachable, helping to prove your credibility and build trust. Numerous real estate companies have recognized the potential of videos as an optimal storytelling tool, and have begun spending time and resources to have them created.

We create innovative architectural videos that touch your customers

Successful real estate videos don’t just contain a simple stringing together of the various features of the property. We focus the production of each video on telling a story that viewers are fully immersed in. We believe that generic videos that are like any other simply won’t get noticed, even if a lot of money was spent on the production. That’s why we focus on a unique idea at the heart of the production process, which is the common thread that runs through the film. What characteristics does your brand have, what makes it so special? This is exactly what we convey in an individual real estate video.

That’s why we focus on the following question during concept development: What feelings should be triggered in your target audience when they see the video? Hard facts are important, but before these are conveyed, the focus is on the transfer of emotions – which are then underpinned with the information about your property – because the viewers should have the impression that they are discovering the property themselves.

That’s why we use moving cameras in our real estate videos to imitate walking through the premises and arouse the curiosity of your viewers. A sophisticated interplay between dynamic and static shots, as well as slow-motion footage, is what makes our real estate videos so special. It’s also important that the furniture in the property looks ready for use and therefore inviting – so viewers can imagine how they will use the features of the house itself.


Share your high-quality video on a wide variety of channels

What makes video such an effective medium is the versatility of its uses – and its virtually infinite reach. Real estate videos are primarily published on your company’s website: on the home page to create a stunning first impression, and the individual pages to showcase individual rooms, for example.

Once created, you can use your real estate videos again and again to get the most out of them. For example, shorter clips and additional versions can be made from the footage. The big buzzword here, of course, is social media: in addition to Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to use platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Also, videos in emails are a great way to not only reach potential customers, but also build trust with them.

Optimize your videos for search engines. Videos are great for improving your website’s ranking on search engines. If videos are used with keywords in real estate listings, your listings will be pushed to the top. It is important to include a relevant keyword in the title and include some keywords in your video description. Also, make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching enough to stand out in search results. All of this will help users find your videos organically when they search for real estate information.