Videos are the most effective way to successfully communicate via social media and build lasting customer loyalty.

Boost your engagement rate with high-quality videos

Short video clips produced specifically for social networks are becoming increasingly popular. Videos for social media vary in style, format and length according to the platform, which differ greatly in type of use as well as target audiences. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn – they all report a continued increase in views and engagement rates. We produce clips for these and all other popular social media channels.

In addition, there’s YouTube – the second largest search engine and the second most visited website in the world. Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can help brands attract new audiences and improve brand image – all with the power of video.


We make video an integral part of your social media marketing

It should come as no surprise that the use of social media has revolutionized video marketing, and a strong social media presence is an absolute must for businesses in just about every sector. A successful social media activity is a cornerstone of your modern marketing strategy in our increasingly digital world. With eye-catching and entertaining video clips, your company can stand out from competitors and the identification of potential customers with the brand is promoted. The use of videos increases interaction with profiles, which subsequently leads to a higher organic reach and brand awareness of your company. Social media videos are suitable for all external communication in both B2B and B2C.

Social media offers a great opportunity to reach not only potential customers, but also your existing ones. Video content is the key to interacting with the right target audience. As a video production company with years of experience in social media content creation, we can help you make videos an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. We specialize in creating concise, targeted content that engages and animates your viewers. It’s not just about grabbing attention: social media videos need to have a purpose and add value. Our videos generate leads, create social trends, increase engagement with your target audience and build your community.

Leave the production of high-quality social media content to us

Before our collaboration begins, it’s best to conduct a brief analysis of your target audience and communication goals to see which social networks the majority of your customers are on. This is a good starting point for developing your overall social media strategy. With the right strategy and a professional concept, a good idea becomes a social media video that exceeds your expectations and achieves the desired effect on social networks. You decide in all project phases to what extent you contribute your ideas or leave the creative conception to us.

When producing social media videos, you have to pay attention to the specifics of each platform. Each network has its own format specifications and it is important to adapt the videos accordingly. This concerns not only technical conditions such as the size and length of the videos, but also differences in content. Increasingly, these are changing faster and faster, so it’s important to be open to new developments and trends.

Decide on the most appropriate channels based on the topic and target audience. This will allow you to optimize the video experience for each network. In many cases, the same or similar footage can be used for videos for different channels. We always make the longest version, then the shorter versions are cut from that. This can save time and costs in post-production and gives you the opportunity to play multiple channels with optimized content at the same time.

When it comes to videos for social media, it’s essential to get the content right to the point. Because on social media channels, user attention is a particularly scarce commodity and the first few seconds determine whether the video is even viewed to the end. The right format and high audio and video quality are basic requirements. Since social media content is often consumed on the go, videos on most platforms are automatically played without sound. That’s why they must also achieve their full effect silently and contain subtitles.


Inspire your customers with high-quality content

Basically, there’s the option of organic reach on your social media channels, or using paid social media ads to target the relevant audience even more specifically. The most effective way to use your ready-produced content is to use both avenues.

As mentioned earlier, the different social media platforms have specific requirements. On Facebook, 15-second videos, for example, are best received. Videos here play without sound by default. Meanwhile, Facebook is accessed more often on smartphones, videos can therefore be posted in several formats, namely landscape, vertical or square. On Instagram, thanks to the Story function and at the latest since the introduction of reel videos (short video clips with a maximum length of 15 seconds), the vertical format dominates, which has emerged especially with Snapchat and TikTok. We will be happy to advise you on which format is best for your purposes.

While your followers use Facebook and Instagram privately, LinkedIn is mostly used as a professional network and is therefore perfect if they want to make a strong case in the B2B sector. The audience on LinkedIn expects in-depth, information-rich and professional content. This is your chance to inspire with high-quality videos.