Interviews, statements, video messages – stand out from the crowd with engaging videos.


We portray your corporate identity in an appealing format

Corporate video is a catch-all term used to define all types of internal and external video communications. For example, a corporate video can be created to present financial results to your stakeholders or to introduce a new initiative. Corporate video, then, is the term used to describe company-owned videos that are produced to visually present and package the content of internal and external communications in an appealing way. Whether it’s interviews, (CEO) statements, video messages, panel discussions, the presentation of business figures or internal conferences and training sessions, videos are an extremely powerful and effective tool for this purpose.

Corporate videos are inextricably linked to the corporate identity, underlining and building on it. Since corporate videos have a significant impact on the way a company is viewed, the content and graphic design should be closely aligned with the values the company lives by and communicates to the outside world. The aim here is to achieve uniformity in the external presentation of your company in order to convey coherence and reliability to the outside world. It is crucial that your company and your brand are perceived as acting authentically.


Deepen your customer relationships with touching videos

Videos offer the opportunity to give your company a human face. Because there’s nothing people can identify with better than other people. Today, it’s not enough for companies to offer quality products and great customer service. Today’s consumers are interested in what your company stands for, what its principles are. Often clients decide to buy from a company because they share the same values. Corporate videos are therefore a great opportunity to reach your audience in a tailored way, adding value to your offering and increasing the reach of your messages.

Video statements, interviews, and panel discussions are ideal for this reason, simultaneously conveying expertise and high personal credibility. Corporate videos are an incredibly powerful way to engage your audience: it’s one of the most dynamic ways to communicate ideas. As with all videos, it’s important that they are perfectly suited to the target audience. Used correctly, online videos unleash their full impact potential. With a corporate film, you can convince your business partners or potential customers of your service. Unlike a purely advertising film, a corporate video is an informative film aimed at a specific target group. This allows you to convey the desired information and work on your company’s image at the same time.

Interviews integrated into a well-designed video strategy have the potential to improve your company’s reputation, strengthen its image, mobilize sales and successfully appeal to investors, partners and customers. Good videos create an emotional connection between your customers and your products. Moving images with sound, for example, have a greater emotional impact than stand-alone text and are therefore the key to a long-lasting customer relationship. Videos convey a much more personal impression and customers thus gain trust in the company.

Awareness of the relevance of transparent communication has also increased within companies in recent years. Excellent corporate communication promotes the satisfaction of your employees, as they feel heard, understood and involved. By sending out a video, you also ensure that all employees receive the exact same information at the exact same time, solving a logistical problem of information delivery. You can also use video to strengthen the sense of community among your employees.

We produce your customized corporate video

In recent years, one trend in particular has emerged in content marketing: While the need for one-off, elaborate video productions has decreased, the need for regularly published video content has increased. As a result, more and more companies are moving toward producing moving image content or having it professionally produced. Corporate videos are also one of the video formats that can be created quickly and accurately.

Good corporate videos are characterized by the use of storytelling, a clearly conveyed message and professional production. Our passion is telling real, authentic human stories in video form. When you work with Touché, you will be assigned a project manager who will serve as an advisor and organizer for the duration of the project, ensuring ongoing communication and structured collaboration. As a cohesive team, we bring our collective creative experience to every project, large or small. Our focused, responsive production process ensures that your content is of the highest quality. We’re a reliable team that responds and delivers quickly, and we know that tight schedules are common. For this reason, we are organized, flexible and responsive from start to finish.

Since corporate videos focus on the information to be conveyed, the setting is usually kept simple. There is always the option of filming in our studio, either against a white or colored photo background, or against a green screen, to which a virtual background is then added in post-production. In addition, we recommend inserting animated graphics such as numbers or catchphrases that emphasize what is being said and break down more complex messages. You alone decide on the graphic design; we give you tips for optimal and efficient implementation.


Take advantage of the many uses of video

Distribute corporate videos on your company’s website, for example. Having videos on your website improves both the quantity and quality of traffic, as they ensure that more time is spent on your website. Search engine optimization is crucial in this regard to ensure that your website, and therefore your products or services, appear on the first page of searches on Google. Creating corporate videos with SEO keywords that Internet users frequently search for is the key to success in many cases.

We also recommend using corporate videos for your social media channels, for which we produce adapted, shorter versions quickly and easily. Corporate videos are also perfect for other content marketing measures such as the company blog, as they capture the attention of readers once again, additionally push SEO and thus give real added value. Videos in the context of employee communication can serve various fields, from conveying values and knowledge to employee motivation. A popular format that is increasingly used for internal communication in companies is employee training in video form. Knowledge and effective application of what has been learned are an important success factor for employees and thus lead to a significant competitive advantage for your company.