We produce impressive reference films with your testimonials.


Let your most loyal customers tell their stories in an exciting video

Presenting customer reviews in a personal, authentic and credible way – that’s what customer testimonial videos achieve. Unlike anonymous written customer reviews, interested parties can get an overall impression of the person and have the chance to check the authenticity of the statements themselves. Seeing satisfied testimonials in front of your eyes and hearing them speak contributes significantly to building trust. With reference videos, your customer relationship is positively strengthened and the awareness of your brand is expanded.

Emotional messages are more important than factual information in customer testimonial videos. What problems did the product or service solve for the customer? The focus is on the customer’s individual story. Therefore, ideally, a customer is chosen who most closely corresponds to the target group that is to be addressed. A customer testimonial video is about telling real, authentic stories from the customer’s perspective. Instead of going into detail about facts about your company, products, or services (all of which are available on your website), the content of these videos focuses on the human element and how your services solved what problems your customers had.


The snowball system: your existing customers convince your potential customers

Customer Testimonial Videos put your most loyal customers in the spotlight and convince other potential customers to invest in your company. You’ve done a great job and delighted your customers: this is the ideal time to capture your success story with a professional and engaging video that will help you generate even more leads in both B2B and B2C.

When potential customers see that existing customers have positive things to say about your product or service, it gives them a sense of security and boosts their confidence that the offer delivers what it promises. Buying a product or using a service from your company is experienced as a lower risk and the barrier to completing the purchase is reduced. Hearing from happy, loyal and long-time customers about what makes the product or service so special to them strengthens your brand’s credibility and relationship with your community. Because testimonial videos are often based on a before-and-after narrative arc, it’s easy to develop an engaging story that captivates viewers.

In addition, if you want to create a customer testimonial video, think about what you’ve offered your customers from your site and how that, in turn, has positively impacted their customers. This shows the broader benefits of working with your company and will convince potential customers to choose your services.

We put your customer testimonial in the best possible light

Customer testimonial videos must be one thing above all: authentic. It’s interesting to hear what challenges customers faced before making a purchase – and how they overcame them with your product or service. Quality is especially important in all video productions, including customer testimonial videos, because the video reflects your company. So take the opportunity to create something of high quality. With our experience in producing customer testimonials, our video agency has the right feel for what will pick up potential customers – and what won’t. If you want to get it right, you need to work with a video agency that treats your customers like their own and delivers a final product they’ll be proud of and happy to share with your community.

So how do you best showcase customer testimonials in video form? Sometimes a green screen works best for customer testimonials because you can choose the style of your background. In other cases, filming the interview in the context of the workplace or home can be very effective. A typical customer testimonial video includes an interview with the customer, supplemented by supporting footage (B-roll), such as clips of the company or product, as well as music and sound effects. With each project, we encourage our clients to go beyond the expected and tell real, personal stories that we develop into an exceptional film in post-production. Your video will be even more effective if the personal statements are backed up with quantitative facts and figures in the form of graphic overlays. 

Your customer testimonial must be honest, authentic and effective. This means motivating your customer to be precise about the message he or she is trying to convey while remaining authentic. In most cases, unlike other types of video, we recommend avoiding a script or reading from a teleprompter, as this form of video relies heavily on the authenticity of what is being said.


Reach your customers in a variety of ways

In order to get the most out of your testimonial videos, the optimal distribution of the video is of high importance. In any case, the video should be on your website. It is advisable to position the video in the appropriate context to other content, for example the written customer reviews of a product. Ideally, the testimonial video is in conjunction with a call-to-action button. The video can be uploaded not only to your website, but also to partner productions and, if applicable, to your partners’ websites to generate even more reach. By uploading your video to platforms like YouTube, which belongs to Google, you additionally increase your ranking in Google search results.

Likewise, the video can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and all other social media platforms. Your benefit from this is that it can be measured in detail who reacted to the post and how. In addition, the testimonial video can also be distributed via email marketing. Your video can also be placed as a link in the email signature or forwarded to your relevant target group through your newsletter.